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The Scottish Episcopal Church is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion.  We have churchs throughout Scotland which vary in size and style of worship- all celebrate a rich tradition of liturgy. Our marriage Liturgy offers an excellent resource in planning a wedding service and was renewed in 2007 to create a balance between what the Church wants to say about God’s love and what the couple getting married want to say about their love and commitment to one another.

Why get married in church?
People have been coming to Church to mark the most significant events in their lives for generations.  We’ve got a lot of practice at doing weddings well.

Do I have to be a Church member?
No, but we would be happy to talk with you about becoming one.

Are you more married if you get married in Church than in a Registry Office?

I’ve been married before, can I still get married in Church?
The Scottish Episcopal Church marries a lot of people who are doing this for the second time around.  The clergy can agree to marry people in that situation with their bishop's permission.  Talk to your local Episcopal priest about it.  We are unlikely to agree if the marriage would lead to a scandal, for example if you have children from a previous marriage whom you are not supporting financially.

Will getting married save me from dealing with the Registrar?
No, everyone who gets married in Scotland has to produce a Marriage Schedule from a Registrar.  The Registrar will make a charge for providing this.

Can you read my “banns”, I’m getting married in England?
No, banns have no validity in law in any Episcopal Church. Contact the local Registrar in England for what you need to do next.

I can’t afford a big Church wedding, what should I do?
There is no reason for a Church wedding to be any more expensive than any other sort of wedding.

Can we book a wedding on a particular date?
Talk to your local Episcopal priest.  Try to check dates with the Church before booking a reception.

Why do you do the same service for everyone – we would rather make it special to us?
We don’t – weddings in Scottish Episcopal churches allow couples to make lots of choices so that they get a wedding tailor-made for themselves.  You can read our Marriage Liturgy on

Can I have the full works – bells, organ choir, and horse-drawn carriage?
You will have to supply your own horse and carriage.  Some churches have bells, most have an organ and a good organist and some have choirs who are willing to sing at weddings.  These things are likely to have a separate fee.

Can I get married in any colour?

We are living together, why can’t we get married in church?
You can.  Very many weddings that take place in Church these days are of people who are living together.

…but we have children, the priest will never agree to us being married?
Think again!

Can we be married in your Church if one partner is Catholic and the other Protestant?
Yes, but it would be appropriate for the Catholic partner to speak to their priest first.

Can we be married on any day of the year?
No, you will have to fit in with the local Church.  Some churches don’t marry people in the period of Lent which is the weeks leading up to Easter.  The clergy also have holidays and you need to check that someone is available.

Can a priest come to a hotel/golf course/mountaintop to do the service?
Not without the permission of the local bishop.  In any case, churches make fabulous settings for weddings.

We have decided to get married abroad but would like a Church blessing.  Is this possible?

Are your priests married or celibate – how do they know what this feels like?
Clergy in the Scottish Episcopal Church can get married if they want to, so some are single and some have been through all this themselves.  Most clergy have a lot of experience and expertise in marrying people.  They can make helpful suggestions and try to help you work out what will work for you on the day and beyond.

Everyone who gets married in Scotland has to produce a Marriage Schedule from a Registrar.  Details of how to do this and about the law in Scotland for marriages are available from the Registrar General of Scotland –

Taken from the leaflet ‘Getting Married in Church’ 
Published by The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church
Scottish Charity No. SCO15962
ISBN 0 905573 81 1