The Scottish Episcopal Churches

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Healing Services

Healing Services

Christ is the doctor of our souls, the healer of broken lives, and the balm of wounded minds and bodies. He commissions his Church, us, to bear one another's burdens, and to pray for healing for the sick. This ministry of intercession and healing is at the heart of our Christian vocation.

Services of Healing are held at Christ Church once a quarter. At these we pray especially for all the sick, those in any need or difficulty, for the bereaved and for the departed. All are welcome at these services, and may receive the Laying-On of Hands for inner strengthening. In addition we offer Holy Anointing. This is the sacrament of Christ's own presence to our weakness or illness, performed with the Oil of Healing blessed each year by the Bishop at the Chrism Eucharist in the Cathedral. The Holy Oil is the outward and visible sign of the inward and spiritual grace, which is the Love of Christ poured into our sickness and need. We invite you to join us to experience the gift and presence of Christ's healing among us.

In addition, at All Soulstide (in early November), we pray solemnly for all the departed, especially our loved ones and those known to us. This is part of Christ's healing work, poured out onto the wound of our mortality, swallowing up death in life.

Prayers for the sick and those in need are offered every Sunday at the Eucharist. A sheet is available by the font in Christ Church throughout the year, on which prayers may be requested for those whose names are recorded there.

You may also ask prayers using the form below. Names (you may use an initial if greater privacy is important) will be prayed for for a month on Sundays. It helps to give a brief description, if appropriate, of the need. We would be grateful to know of any changes in condition.