The Scottish Episcopal Churches

of ​Mid Argyll & Arran




Saturday 3rd September

Festival and Blessing of the Sea

The Blessing of the Sea is an ancient and joyful festivity to give thanks for all that the Sea provides for human kind, to celebrate its fecundity and to acknowledge our own role in its degradation; to pray for the work of regeneration, and to remember those whose lives the sea has claimed.

The event is planned to take place along the beach at Lamlash and on the sea in the bay.

Already COAST and HM Coastguard are hoping to play a role in this event. We hope that many more organizations and groups will get involved and make this an outstanding day of festivity for the whole Island.

Gu robh math agus sìth aig an Eilean agus gu robh Beannachadh Dhè dhuinn-ne uile!